Panel on Accredited Arborists


Chairman Mr. Paul Chan

Secretary Mr. Paul Chow

Panel Members Mr. Isaac So
Mr. Patrick Lau
Mr. SC Lo

External Advisor Dr. Allen Zhang
Prof. Chiu Siu Wai
Mr. James Watt
Mr. John Ho
Mr. Ken So
Mr. Lawrence Cheung
Mr. TC Lam
Mr. Yasmin Chir

Secretariat Ms. Joanne Lam


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Background and Objective

For decades, members of the Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects (HKILA), incorporated under the Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects Incorporation Ordinance (Chapter 1162 of the Law of Hong Kong Law have been taking up the roles in landscape planning, landscape design, supervision of greening and landscaping works. We recognize the importance of ensuring proper tree management and supervision of landscape works being implemented in Hong Kong.

There is an increasing public concern on urban trees arising from improper pruning, interference and felling of some of them. Failures of sizable trees resulting in damages to properties and human lives were even more of a concern. Proper tree management and maintenance by well trained and qualified personnel are of vital importance in enabling the public to enjoy the benefits of urban greening. 

However, up to date, arboricultural practitioners in Hong Kong are not yet represented and regulated by any local organizations recognized by statutory instruments, nor are there any locally enforceable constitution, regulations, or Code of Conduct that bind their conduct and standard of service. From time to time, HKILA have received feedback from our members and the public that the standard of arboricultural services varied substantially, some being far from satisfactory. 

For the good of the industries general public, the HKILA set up a local accreditation system for the arboricultural industry. Such accreditation system will register a list of arboricultural practitioners that are assessed to have met stipulated minimum academic, professional and experience requirements. The list shall be made available to the public for their reference in procuring arboricultural services. We recognize a person on the accredited list should possess sufficient knowledge and experience to deliver reasonable arboricultural services. 

The Development of the HKILA Accredited Arborist Scheme (Formerly the Accredited Arboricultural Practitioner’s Scheme)

The Practice Committee and Public Affairs Committee of the HKILA jointly formed an Arboricultural Practitioners Accreditation Work Group in October 2010. This work group formulated and developed framework of the accreditation system, which was then endorsed by the Council of HKILA in July 2011. The HKILA Accredited Arboricultural Practitioners Vetting Panel (hereafter called the Panel) was subsequently formed in November 2011 to administer and implement the accreditation process. Through the initial membership referral scheme (referred as the first batch), the first batch of HKILA AAP was accredited and published on our website in July 2012.

The term “arboricultural practitioner” covers different levels of people in the industry including the managers, the supervisors, the workers. As the scheme developed it is clear that the level of requirements and assessments (as detailed in the Guidance Notes to Applicants and the Assessment Interview Syllabus) are targeting those at supervisory levels on tree management or landscape implementation on site. The Panel therefore recommended in June 2018 change of the title to Accredited Arborists, and subsequently endorsed by the Council of HKILA in July 2018. The Panel is also renamed as “Panel on Accredited Arborists”

Those successfully accredited are entitled to describe themselves as 'HKILA Accredited Arborist' and to use the abbreviated designation 'AA (HKILA)'. AA (HKILA) will be bound by the Code of Ethics and Conduct for Arboricultural Practitioners under the scheme and are eligible to become an Affiliate Member of the institute. Joining as a HKILA Affiliate Member is not mandatory and would have no effect on the renewal of accreditation status. Continuous Professional Development is a mandatory requirement for the renewal of accreditation.  

Application Open to Arboricultural Practitioners in Hong Kong

We have received positive feedback and support from the government and the local arboricultural industry on the HKILA Accredited Arborist Scheme. We are also aware of the urge from the construction industry for expanding the number of AA(HKILA) in order to cope with the increasing demand for qualified arboricultural personnel at supervision level.

To realize the objective of the HKILA Accredited Arborist Scheme, we are now inviting applications from eligible arboricultural practitioners for the AA(HKILA). 

Members List

List of Accredited Arborist (HKILA)

How to find an Accredited Arborist (HKILA)? 


Application Form of Accredited Arborist (HKILA)

Accredited Arborist (HKILA) Assessment Interview Syllabus

Syllabus Overview

Section 1: Plant Identification & Knowledge Assessment (List of Trees)

Session 4: Ethics, Professional Conduct & Responsibility Assessment

Flow of Assessment Interview

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