Education Committee



Mr. S.C. LO < >
Committee Members

Mr. S.C. Lo
Ms. Yee-man Hung
Mr. Eric Wong
Ms. Stephanie Lai

The major duty areas of the Education Committee are to promote professional development and organize and monitor the Institute’s Professional Practice Examination, including establishing and processing examination entry requirements and procedures.  The Committee also advises the Council on academic qualifications required to the various membership categories of the Institute.

Continuing Professional Development

The need for landscape architects to broaden and deepen their knowledge and skills as members of the profession is an accepted requirement.  Continuing Professional Development (CPD) should be a normal part of the professional culture of all landscape architects irrespective of their level and area of practice.  A major objective of the HKILA is to encourage all members to implement and maintain a Personal CPD Plan that provides a balanced development of professional knowledge and skills.  This policy is, therefore, of universal relevance to all members of the HKILA.

CPD shall be "the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills and the development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional and technical duties throughout the landscape architect's working life." Relevant CPD activities organized by the HKILA and other organizations will be announced from time to time.

Relevant Documents
CPD Information Sheet (pdf)
CPD Record Sheet (doc)
CPD Record Sheet Sample (pdf)

Professional Practice Examination

The Professional Practice Examination (PPE) is an effective and important tool by which the Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects measures an individual’s understanding of all aspects considered to be essential and desirable for the rational, executive practice of Landscape Architecture before deciding on an applicant’s election to Professional Membership of the HKILA. The PPE has become the principal means of controlling and developing the standards of the profession in practice in Hong Kong, thus ensuring the continued recognition of the HKILA as a Professional Institute of international repute.

The HKILA PPE is held once a year and composed of two distinct parts, i.e. a written test and an oral test. A pass in the written test is a pre-requisite for a candidate to proceed to the oral test. Before being allowed to take the PPE, prospective candidates are required to be Associate Members (formerly Graduate Members) for at least 12 months and to obtain the prescribed period of professional practice experience by the 15th of September of the year taking the examination. The closing date for registration for the PPE will be 30 September of the year taking the examination. Prospective candidates should obtain the registration package, in writing, from the Education Committee.

Relevant Documents
PPE Rules and Regulations (pdf)
PPE Information Sheet (pdf)
PPE Registration Form (doc)
PPE Practical Training Record - Time Record (xls)
PPE Practical Training Record - Project Record (doc)
PPE Practical Training Record - Project Record Sample (pdf)
PPE Practical Training Record - Supervisor Assessment (doc)
Guidance Notes for Candidates and Supervisors for Practice Training Record(pdf)
PPE Suggested Reference List (pdf)
PPE Practical experience Presentation (pdf)
PPE Supplemental Notes 1 External Supervision (pdf) and 2 Overseas Experience (pdf)









Practice Committee


Ms. Camay LAM< >

Committee Members

Ms. Narelle Hamey
Ms. Salina Lee
Ms. Vince Kok
Ms. Karen Tsoi
Mr. Thomas Lau

The major duty of the Practice Committee is to promote the highest standards of professional competence by defining standards and advising members on how to achieve them. The Committee represents the Institute and members to present views to the government and/or the public on matters related to the practice of landscape architecture. The Committee also reviews internal procedures and mechanisms in the HKILA and examines the future development of landscape architecture in Hong Kong.

Current Reviews and Studies

  • Research and preparation of complaint handling mechanism.
  • Preparation of Self-Certification of Compliance (SCC) guideline for landscape-related submissions under lease conditions.
  • Organizing workshops to facilitate the positioning of HKILA in major social and environmental issues.
  • Review of HKILA’s representation in government advisory committees and other institutions.
  • Review of landscape criteria in BEAM Plus New Building.
  • Review of the application and revalidation procedure for Construction Industry Safety Training Certificate for HKILA professional members.










Functions & Events Committee


Mr. Charles KUO < >

Committee Members

Ms. Chan Mei Yee, Jean
Ms. Leung Siu Yin, Carol
Ms. Law Lok Yung, Carol
Mr. Lau Hiu Shek, Hugo
Mr. Chow Siu Hang, Paul

  • [ 2018-10-08 ]
    Hong Kong ASPL Professional Leaders Visiting Group to Beijing (27-Sep to 30-Sep 2018)
  • [ 2018-10-04 ]
  • [ 2018-10-04 ]
    “Space Talk, Space Walk” Public Forum (26-Oct-2018)
  • [ 2018-06-15 ]
  • [ 2018-04-16 ]
    Revised Agenda of 30th AGM
  • [ 2018-03-29 ]
    HKILA 30th Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • [ 2018-03-15 ]
  • [ 2018-01-19 ]
  • [ 2017-12-18 ]
    Guangdong - HK Construction Industry Co-operation Symposium held on 13 - 14 Dec. 2017
  • [ 2017-12-06 ]
    YLAG event - Christmas Tram Party on 15-Dec-2017
  • [ 2017-11-30 ]
    Photos and Videos of HKILA 29th Annual Dinner 2017
  • [ 2017-06-28 ]
    HKILA 29th Annual Dinner (2017)
  • [ 2017-06-23 ]
  • [ 2017-03-30 ]
    Notice of the 29th AGM
  • [ 2017-03-27 ]








Public Affairs Committee

Chairperson Mr. Patrick LAU < >

Committee Members

Mr. Paul Chan
Ms. Euphen Wong
Ms. Daphne Koon
Mr. Carol Ma








Publication Committee



Mr. Gap CHUNG < >
Committee Members

Ms. Kathy NG
Mr. Yin Lun CHAN
Mr. David YUEN


Yuanlin 2015

Planting is one of the fundamental arts and sciences of landscape architecture, and in many ways has come to define and identify the discipline. Landscape architects need to be knowledgeable and skilled in the design, implementation and management of planting, in different contexts and environments.

This issue of Yuan Lin has been dedicated to planting. A wonderfully diverse collection of reviews, articles and academic papers, collectively explore the different forms, scales, and contexts of Hong Kong’s urban planting.

Yuanlin 2015 is now available at the link below:








Registration Committee



Mr. Grant LIU < >
Committee Members

Mr. Thomas Tai
Ms. Narelle Hamey
Mrs. Au Lee Ting
Mr. John Chan
Mr. Eric Lam
Ms. Frances Lam
Mr. Simon NG


Please be reminded to reserve minimum 2 months for the Registration Committee for vetting and the Council for endorsement to suitable candidates submitted with full information provided. download the application form : Membership Application Package Please also refer to Frequently Asked Questions FAQ for registration matters.








Council of Fellows



Ms. Kathy NG < >

Mr. Gavin Coates
Mr. Alexander Duggie
Mr. Evans Iu
Ms. Lee Ting
Ms. Elizabeth Leven
Mr. C.K. Wong








YLAG Committee



Mr. Keith Huang < >
Committee Members

Ms. Katherine Wong (Vice Chairlady)
Ms. Crystal Cheng (Vice Chairlady, THEi representative)
Mr. Aaron Yu (Secretary)
Mr. Alex Yung (Treasurer, THEi representative)
Mr. Justin Yip
Ms. Angel Wong (HKU representative)

The main missions of the YLAG Committee are:

  • To act as a training ground for young members to familiarize with the Institute's operation and encourage participation of young members in matters relating to landscape architecture profession;
  • To provide a communication platform for young members of the Institute and external professional institutes;
  • To promote the profession to students of landscape architectural programmes by launching a mentorship scheme and conducting presentations in educational institutions;

Its core duties are:

  • Publication of a newsletter no less than once per year;
  • Maintenance of the YLAG webpage;
  • Organization of activities and events consistent with the Objects of the Constitution; and
  • To provide an annual report to the Council on the work of the Committee including a financial report of income and expenditure during the year, and a financial projection for the coming year to be approved and included in the Institute’s Annual Budget.

For the complete list of missions and duties, please refer to the YLAG Committee's Formation Proposal