Continuing Professional Development is the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills and the development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional and technical duties throughout the landscape architect's working life.

The HKILA's CPD policy encourages all members to implement and maintain a Personal CPD plan that provides a balanced development of professional knowledge and skills. Relevant CPD activities organized by the HKILA and other organizations will be announced from time to timebe announced





Date Topic
24 Oct 2017

CPD Talk: Engineering Conservation: Upstreaming landscape design and sustainable construction in linear infrastructure planning


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12 Sep 2017

CPD Talk on BEAM Neighbourhood


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01 Aug 2017

HKILA CPD Talk: Professional Ethics - Brief Review and Case Sharing

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14 Jul 2017

HKILA CPD Talks for Young Professionals

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01 Mar 2017

HKILA CPD Events (Mar / Apr 2017)

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24 Sep 2016

HKILA CPD Site Walk - T. Park

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13 Sep 2016

Lecture: Sponce City - Bringing Nature into the Chinese City

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18 Aug 2016

Seminar on Place Ecology + Urban Ecology on 18 August 2016

05 Aug 2016

Public Seminar on Right Tree Right Place and Street Ecology in Hong Kong

02 Aug 2016

Seminar on Landscape Interventions in Urban Development