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Interview with HKILA President
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星島日報: 謝偉銓撐尖嘴碼頭建廣場


HKU Postgraduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture


LA interviewed by SCMP for LCSD's Report on Tree Pruning causing Egret Deaths

Mr. Patrick Lau, Chairperson of Public Affairs Committee of HKILA, was interviewed by the South China Morning Post (SCMP) for LCSD's investigation report on the tree pruning in Tai Po causing egret deaths. For further details of the interview, please refer to the news clip of SCMP dated 12.12.2017:

HKILA Statements in Response to the Egretry Casualty Caused by LCSD's Tree Pruning Works on 6-Jun-2017

Statement (Eng):

Statement (Chi):

HKILA 28th Annual Dinner 2016 - Construction Plus Asia

Read article here:

Management of Stonewall Trees by the Government

Press release (Eng):

Press release (Chi):

Joint Statement on Rooftop Landscape

Eng version: http://www.hkila.com/file/news-pdf331.pdf

Chi version: http://www.hkila.com/file/news-pdf332.pdf



工程界專業青年論壇 (2014年3月29日)

ATV Interview on Landscape Architect Profession

Please click the following link regarding an ATV programme featuring LA profession in the middle part.


綠色建築興起 園境師搶手

VTC院校成員THEi 提供專業為本學位課程 迎合本港熱門行業人才需求

Media Coverage for Joint Press Conference on Response to Policy Address 2013

Comments on Urban Renewal Plan for Kowloon City - Stage 1 Public Engagement


Comments on NENT New Development Areas Planning & Engineering Study – Stage 3 Public Engagement

SCMP: Time for Hong Kong to Reclaim the Streets

Ming Pao: Accreditation of Arboricultural Practitioners

Response to Development of Lok Ma Chau Loop - Stage 2 Public Engagement

Response on the Tree Toppling Incident on 19 July 2012