IFLA News (3-Jan-2019): Condolences Hans Dorn


    IFLA APR News (21-Dec-2018)

    The IFLA APR Council is pleased to circulate the first of a regular series of news feeds, check here:

    Revised "PNRC 38 Registration of General Building Contractors and Specialist Contractors" and "PNRC 69 Minor Works Contractors Registration"

    The Building Authority (BA) has just issued the following revised PNRC for Registered Contractors and you may wish to view/download the document vide the attached links :

    Practice Notes for Registered Contractors PNRC 38 - Registration of General Building Contractors and Specialist Contractors: https://www.bd.gov.hk/english/documents/pnrc/Pnrc38.pdf

    Practice Notes for Registered Contractors PNRC 69 - Minor Works Contractors Registration: https://www.bd.gov.hk/english/documents/pnrc/Pnrc69.pdf

    Relevant appendices of the PNRCs are revised to update the registration requirements and the criteria for interviews.

    HKILA Landscape Awards 2018

    List of Awards:

    Awarded Projects:

    IFLA News (5-Dec-2018)

    Several international experts gather in Barcelona to discuss the need for performative landscapes, details:

    Heritage Newsletter (Oct 2018)

    The Commissioner for Heritage's Office of the Development Bureau has launched the latest issue of the newsletter "活化@Heritage". This bi-monthly publication provides updates and news relating to revitalisation projects and heritage conservation.


    IFLA News (14-Nov-2018)

    IFLA News – Issue 88 is out with and Advisory Circle article from Dr Jen Hill. You can read it online:

    Tony Tse E-Newsletter (Oct 2018)


    Architectural Services Department Sustainability Report 2018

    Architectural Services Department Sustainability Report 2018 "Build Green Build Smart" is now available:

    English: https://www.archsd.gov.hk/archsd/html/report2018/en/index.html
    Chinese: https://www.archsd.gov.hk/archsd/html/report2018/tc/index.html

    IFLA News (17-Oct-2018)

    IFLA News (17-Oct-2018) is out, please read here:

    IFLA News (10-Oct-2018)

    IFLA share a recent tribute to Jeppe Aagard Andersen made by IFLA Immediate Past President, Professor Kathryn Moore. Read it here:

    IFLA News (5-Oct-2018)

    IFLA News (5-Oct-2018) is out, please read here:

    IFLA Africa News (Sep 2018)


    回應元朗區議會會議邀請 -《元朗明渠上興建行人天橋的設計及造價極昂貴問題》


    Forecast of Architectural and Engineering Consultancies

    DEVB has recently updated and presented the forecast of architectural and engineering consultancies in an enhanced format and it will be updated monthly starting from June 2018 in the following DEVB’s website:



    As the enhanced format shows information about the Category and Banding (where applicable) of Consultants to be invited to submit Express of Interest or Technical & Fee Proposals, there is no longer the need to display on ArchSD's Internet website a separate version of Forecast of Consultancies indicating the Range of Estimate of Project Cost (i.e. M1, M2, M3 or M4), therefore ArchSD amended the webpage accordingly and hyperlinked "Forecast of Consultancies" on ArchSD webpage to DEVB's website.

    Joint Letter for Pedestrian Environment Improvement Scheme in Yuen Long Town in May 2013

    HKIA, HKILA, HKIP and HKIUD have issued a Joint Statement in 2013 expressing grave concerns on the adverse impacts of the proposed massive footbridge scheme on the urban design and environment of Yuen Long, and proposed an alternative scheme.


    HKILA's Opinion on Implementation Pedestrianized Streets


    HKILA's response to the recent appointment of the post of H/TMO in DEVB

    Dear Members,

    Please find enclosed HKILA's response to the recent appointment of the post of Head/Tree Management Office in Development Bureau for your reference please.

    Relevant News:

    HKILA's response (Chinese Version):


    樹木管理辦事處(樹木辦)作為樹木管理的決策部門,負責制定指引及訂定政策方向,應由擁有相關資格和資歷的專業人士領導。本會認為最近發展局以非相關專業人士出任樹木辦總監甚不恰當,我們建議政府應立即改以合適的本地專業人士填補這樹木辦總監的職位。政府在聘用有關人士時應以「專職專責」的原則,聘用合適專業人士,而條件應包括擁有園境 及樹藝和林務的學術背景及相關的專業資格,並具備豐富的本地樹木管理經驗。

    HKILA's response (English Summary):

    The Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects (HKILA) supports the government in setting up a dedicated office to strengthen tree management works in order to safeguard public safety, improve tree care and enhance vegetation quality in the city.

    The Tree Management Office (TMO), as the policy bureau for tree management, plays an important role in formulating guidelines and setting policy directions. The office should be led by a person with relevant professional qualifications and experience in landscape architecture and arboriculture. The HKILA considers that it is inappropriate for the Development Bureau to appoint a person who does not have expertise in these fields as the Head of TMO. We recommend that the government take prompt action to rectify this situation and adopt the principle of appointing the “right personnel for the right post”, and identifies a suitable professional to fill the post soonest possible. In this regard, the criteria for the person suitable for the post should include academic background in the field of landscape architecture and arboriculture and/or forestry with relevant professional qualifications, who also possesses relevant local tree management experience.



    Review & Recommendations for the HKILA Admission Policy

    Alternative Senior Pathway Route to Professional Membership

    Download at http://www.hkila.com/file/news-pdf487.pdf

    Reply letter to 7 Professional Members submitted a joint letter to HKILA Council

    Dear Members,

    Thank you for your letter to the Council on 9 April 2018.

    Your proposed amendments to 3 articles of the HKILA's Constitution and request for an EGM for members to vote on the proposed amendments before the AGM have been noted.

    Having discussed the matter in the Council Meeting held on 10 April 2018, the Council is of the view that the proposed amendments, if adopted, would have a far reaching effect on the voting right of Associate Members, as well as their eligibility for election / appointment to Council.

    The Council considered this a significant matter, and that sufficient time is needed for members to understand both the background and original intent of the articles concerned, as well as the rationale behind the proposed amendments before making their decision.

    Thus, the Council concluded that holding an EGM before the AGM to vote on the proposed amendments would not allow members sufficient time to come to a fully informed decision. In order to provide an opportunity for members to understand the full picture, the Council will include this matter as a discussion item in the AGM on 27 April 2018, for members to discuss and deliberate on the proposed amendments.

    Then, an EGM will be held on (Friday) 25th May 2018 for eligible members to vote on the proposed amendments. Further details of the EGM will be provided shortly after the AGM.

    We hope you understand that the decision of the Council is for the overall interest of the Institute and fairness to all members.

    Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.

    Thank you for your attention and patience.

    Yours sincerely,
    Tak Wong
    For and on behalf of the Council

    Proposed Short-term Use at the Three Berths Released from Western District Public Cargo Working Area


    Letter to Hon. Hui Chi-fung dated on 6-Apr-2018


    Letter from Hon Hui Chi-Fung


    Review of Lands Sub-Committee Paper 3/2017 - Compliance with Landscape Clause under Lease Conditions


    Letters to Candidates of LegCo By-election

    Letter to Mr. Tse Wai-chuen, Tony: www.hkila.com/file/news-pdf472.pdf

    Letter to Mr. Zimmerman Paulus Johannes: www.hkila.com/file/news-pdf473.pdf

    Letter to Hon. Hui Chi-fung: The Role of Landscape Architectural Profession


    Say No to Electoral Bribes

    Download feature article-
    Eng: http://www.hkila.com/file/news-pdf465.pdf
    Chi: http://www.hkila.com/file/news-pdf466.pdf

    Letter from Tourism Commission: Transforming Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Bus Terminus into a Piazza

    Letter dated on 12-Jan-2018

    Letter from Greening, Landscape and Tree Management Section of Development Bureau

    Letter dated on 18-Dec-2017:

    Accreditation news

    The Education Committee is pleased to announced that the HKU MLA programme has received accreditation renewal following our June visit. The MLA accreditation is effective for five years so their next accreditation should be in 2022. Meanwhile they are required to provide the HKILA with a self-evaluation report two years from now, in 2019.

    Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi) has also submitted their landscape programme for accreditation. Evaluation is still in progress and results of the accreditation will be announced when result is confirmed.

    The HKILA has rolled out a new Accreditation Policy 2017. This replaces the 2012 Accreditation Policy with immediate effect. The 2017 policy can be downloaded from the HKILA website: http://www.hkila.com/file/news-pdf449.pdf

    Letter from Financial Secretary Office

    Letter dated on 21-Aug-2017:

    Reply from Transport Department: Creating a Better Pedestrian Environment to Improve Streetscape and Promote Walking

    Letter dated on 23-Aug-2017:

    Invitation for Meeting with the 4 Professional Institutes

    Letter dated on 18-Aug-2017:

    Creating a Better Pedestrian Environment to Improve Streetscape and Promote Walking

    Subsequent to the Institute's letter addressed to THB on 5 July 2017, HKILA Council Members (Tak Wong, Simon Ng, Iris Hoi) met with the new Task Force/Walkability established in the Transport Department specifically to address Hong Kong’s walkability in the evening of 10 August. We provided landscape advice and recommendations on pedestrianisation and walkability, such as, asking the engineers to consider many issues pertaining to changing the mindset of putting pedestrians over cars, and getting consensus/collaboration with all related departments to ensure the ‘people over cars’ urban corridors design is enforced systematically throughout Hong Kong and not just in pilot areas. We even asked them to have more than just engineers to help with the design, but include multi-disciplinary professionals including landscape architects and architects. It was a very positive meeting and we hope beneficial results will come of these discussions. The Programme Manager (Walkability), Ir. Kevin F.M. Luk, promised to write back to us with a formal reply. We will let you know when we hear more.

    Letter dated on 5-Jul-2017:

    HKILA Letter to THB: Creating a Better Pedestrian Environment

    Download letter:

    Letter to DEVB Regarding Lantau Development and the Establishment of Lantau Sustainable Office

    Download and read the letter:

    Accreditation Visits (29-May to 2-Jun)

    The Accreditation Panel consisting of Alan Tate (happy with a victory sign), Chris Chung (centre of photo), and Kathy Ng (photographer – herself not present in this photo) undertook accreditation visits of the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Honours) programme at Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi), and the Master of Landscape Architecture Program at The University of Hong Kong (HKU); over the period 29th May and 2nd June. It was an intensive five days. The Education Committee is waiting for the results of the visits which we expect to announce in two months.

    Letter to Chairlady of Establishment Subcommittee - Support to the Creation of a Permanent Post of Chief Landscape Architect in the Architectural Services Department

    Download and read the letter:

    Letter to Chief Executive-elect - Reactivate the Project on Relocation of the Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Bus Terminus for Development of a Piazza

    Download and read the letter:

    Hong Kong 2030+: Towards a Planning Vision and Strategy Transcending 2030

    Comments from HKILA in response to the public engagement document

    City Dress-up Public Art Competition

    The Development Bureau (“DEVB”), The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (“HKIA”), The Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects (“HKILA”), the Hong Kong Institute of Planners (“HKIP”) and the Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design (“HKIUD”) are joining hands to launch a “City Dress-up Public Art Competition” (“Competition”) for creating art works across the territory to beautify city appearance. The Competition consists of three streams, namely, "Design by the Victoria Harbour" (4 artworks along the new Central harbourfront), "Flyover Fantasy" (wall paintings on 16 columns under the Kwun Tong Bypass) and "City Momentum" (4 artworks at traffic islands, roundabouts, etc.).

    Proposals for the design, fabrication and installation of outdoor public artworks at these 9 locations are now invited until the beginning of April 2017. Interested parties may form teams to join the Competition, and each team must comprise members from at least two different professional institutes (among HKIA, HKILA, HKIP and HKIUD) while other team members may be of different professions/backgrounds to encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration. A selection panel will select one proposal for each of the 9 locations, and each winning team will be given a budget with ceiling ranging from HK$600,000 to HK$1,800,000 to realize their proposals. It is expected that these artworks could be installed for public display starting from summer 2017.

    For more detailed information, please refer to the documents which will also be made available at the websites of DEVB. There will also be briefing sessions of each stream to introduce specific requirements of the Competition.

    Invitation Brief and its Annexes:

    Publication of GBA2016 Result

    Congratulations to all GBA 2016 Award Winners!

    Result of GBA 2016: http://www.gba.org.hk/awardwinners.aspx

    Discussion Meeting between the Project Cost Management Office (PCMO) and The Hong Institute of Landscape Architects (HKILA) on 12 October 2016


    Requirement for Ownership Proof for Processing of General Building Plans (GBP)


    Reply from DevB - Cost Management for Public Works Projects


    Letter to DevB - Cost Management Adversely Affecting Landscape and Green Treatments


    Reply Letter from Transport and Housing Bureau - Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge


    Letter from DevB - Comment on Landscape Architectural Category Exclude from the Register of Hong Kong Professional Firms


    Review and Recommendation Report on the Management of Stonewall Trees by the Government

    Letter to Secretary for Development

    Review and Recommendation Report

    Two Arboricultural Practitioners Charged by ICAC with Bribery

    Letter to Secretary for Development

    Integrating Landscape Professionals and Establishing Landscape Technical Competent Persons under the Building Control Framework


    Code of Professional Conduct 2016

    Due to the enactment of the Competition Ordinance (the Ordinance) on 14 Dec. 2015 and advice of Competition Commission, HKILA's Code of Professional Conduct (CoPC) needs to be revised to reflect the removal of the Conditions of Engagement and Professional Charges (CEPC) which are considered having the object of harming competition and a contravention of the Ordinance.

    Attached please find the revised CoPC for your reference. Please be advised that CEPC have been obsoleted and should not be followed hereafter.


    Comment on the Revised Draft Handbook on Tree Management

    The HKILA is pleased to provide comments on the revised draft Handbook on Tree Management (HTM) collected from members. See details:

    Members' comment:

    Suggestion for the 2016 Policy Address and the 2016/17 Financial Budget

    Please find HKILA's suggestion at below link:

    Change of Business Address of HKILA

    In order to avoid confusion or potential queries from members, please be advised that the business address of HKILA for business registration purpose has been changed to:

    Room A2, 23/F, Eton Building
    288 Des Voeux Road Central
    Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

    The address above is rented by the Institute from a private business services company for business registration purpose only. All the daily correspondences of the Institute should still be addressed to:

    P.O. Box 20561, Johnston Road Post Office
    Wan Chai, Hong Kong

    Many thanks to Earthasia Limited for kindly lending their office address to the Institute for business registration purpose in the past years due to the postal box address is not accepted under the Business Registration Ordinance (Cap. 310).

    Thank you for your attention.

    Joint Task Force on Stonewall Tree Management

    Following the incident of felling 4 stonewall trees at Bonham Road on 7 Aug. 2015 by HyD, HKILA and HKIE had set up a Joint Task Force to review the current mechanisms of Stonewall Tree management. The Joint Task Force targets to complete the review within about 6 weeks and submit an improvement proposal to Government.

    A press conference was conducted on 20 August 2015 to announce the establishment of the Joint Task Force. Two media attended the press conference which was reported by Hong Kong Economic Journal on 21 August 2015 (download at http://www.hkila.com/file/news-pdf277.pdf )

    Photo: https://goo.gl/photos/uU8oTynd8WaJQgWG8

    Opinion Survey on “Method for Selecting the Chief Executive by Universal Suffrage” (Architectural, Surveying and Planning Functional Constituency) Survey Report

    Please download the report at below:

    Members' Opinion Survey on method for selecting the chief executive by universal suffrage in 2017

    Dear Fellow/Professional/Associate Member,

    The Council received the updated voting rate from the Centre for Communication and Public Opinion Survey of CUHK:

    The voting rate as at 28 May 2015, is about 17%.

    We treasure your opinion and look forward to receiving your reply on or before 03 June 2015. All replies must be made before the deadline, late returns will not be counted. Please use your right to vote.

    Details of the survey please refer to the e-mail dated 19 May 2015, titled "Members' Opinion Survey on method for selecting the chief executive by universal suffrage in 2017". The user specified e-token of the Opinion survey for your direct response to CUHK Is attached in that e-email.

    Thank you for your attention and co-operation.



    Professional Diploma in Horticulture and Landscape Management

    Offered by Faculty of Design, THEi
    Commencement from early June 2015
    Application Deadline 23 May 2015
    Application Details: http://www.hkila.com/file/news-pdf266.pdf

    Records of Voluntary Services by Members as Representative of HKILA


    Reply letter from Financial Secretary's Office

    Reply letter from Financial Secretary's Office regarding HKILA's suggestion for 2015 Policy Address and 2015/16 Financial Budget

    HKILA's reply to Consultation Meeting for 2015 Policy Address and 2015/16 Financial Budget


    Joint Statement of North East New Territories Development Areas

    The original Chinese version

    English version

    "Our Favourite Old and Valuable Trees" Contest by the Greening, Landscape and Tree Management Section of the Development Bureau


    letter from Transport and Housing Dept about Phase II Public Engagement on Pedestrian Environmental Improvement Scheme in Yuen Long Town

    The letter can be accessed at the following link:-


    HKILA's Opinions on Methods for Selecting the Chief Executive (CE) in 2017 and for Forming the Legislative Council (Legco) In 2016


    New Technical Circular DEVB TC(W) No. 10/2013 on Tree Preservation in Government Projects

    Please note that the revised technical circular DEVB TC(W) No. 10/2013 on Tree Preservation in Government projects has been promulgated and can be accessed at the following link:


    Letter from West Kowloon Cultural District Authority


    Review of Environment, Transport and Works Bureau Technical Circular (Works) No. 3/52006 and Lands Administration Office Practice Note No. 7/2007


    Joint Institute Letter and Statement on Pedestrian Environment Improvement Scheme in Yuen Long Town


    Policy and Project Co-ordination Unit-One-stop Consultation and Co-ordination Service for Land Development Projects


    Environment Bureau's Response to HKILA's Enquiry on BVOC


    Reply from Architectural Services Department about HKILA AAP

    Please check the letter at below link: