Professional Services of Hong Kong Landscape Architects

Hong Kong is a worldwide recognized landscape architectural design capital. Landscape architects in Hong Kong provide a wide range of consultancy services, including public open spaces, waterfronts and recreational facilities planning and design; landscape designs in commercial, residential and resort projects; green infrastructures as well as environmental conservation, etc.

High quality landscape design services in Hong Kong attract an increasing number of property developers and governments from Mainland China and South East Asia. Numerous competition prizes awarded to Hong Kong landscape architects are exemplary of the success and excellence of our landscape industry.

The Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects (HKILA) promotes design excellence through its annual design awards providing a valuable platform for landscape architects to receive recognition for their outstanding achievements. Apart from organizing landscape design competitions, HKILA has also developed a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme to meet the evolving demands from both local and international clients.

Landscape architects in Hong Kong provide professional consultancy service in private practices or work in various government departments.

Landscape architects in private consultancy companies provide a wide range of landscape professional services in design, planning, open space developments and multi-disciplinary projects for clients (in HK, China and overseas) in both public and private sectors. Their scope of services is very extensive with the following major categories:

  • Design and planning of regional and urban public spaces
    • overall landscape planning and design of cities, towns and districts to tie in with the development and characteristics of the region
    • landscape design strategies, feasibility studies, and outline development plans
    • environmental assessments of the developments

  • Landscape design of industrial, commercial and residential areas​​
    • give characteristics to different communities by creating landscaped spaces with unique identity tailor-made for clients
    • establish local landscape planning and development policies
    • landscape design of private properties, including commercial centers, residential areas, private gardens and industrial parks
    • landscape or greening design of local urban open spaces and plazas 

  • Landscape planning and design for theme parks, tourism & hospitality industry and leisure centers
    • theme park design and landscape planning
    • resort centers, golf courses and other related development projects
    • resort hotels, villas, urban hotels and tourist destinations

Landscape architects in public sector are employed under HKSAR Government 's various departments, including: Development Bureau, Architectural Services Department, Highways Department, Planning Department, Civil Engineering and Development Department, Housing Department, Lands Department, Drainage Services Department and Water Supplies Department.

  • Development Bureau
    • landscape architects are responsible for central coordination of government's greening and landscape planning and design efforts, also advocates the adoption of a professional approach to tree management among tree management departments and in the community at large, in order to promote a holistic greening approach.

  • Architectural Services Department
    • landscape architects provide landscape and project management services for government's various public parks, government buildings, public space.
  • Highways Department
    • landscape architects develop landscape greening standards, monitor contractors’ design, construction and maintenance of all types of highway projects and its adjacent space development.
  • Planning Department
    • landscape architects provide professional advice on land uses, developments and planning in Hong Kong, formulate standards and guidelines for the green coverage, develop according landscape planning or design concept for individual districts based on their unique geographical characteristics or historical and cultural interest, and assist Director of Environmental Protection Department in vetting and commenting on the Landscape Impact Assessments in the Environmental Impact Assessment Reports.
  • Civil Engineering and Development Department
    • landscape architects provide landscape planning, design and project supervision services for all types of public works projects, including new towns, site formation, slope, coastal and port construction and development.
  • Housing Department
    • landscape architects provide landscape planning, design blueprints, and construction supervision services for gardens and recreational facilities of public housing development.
  • Lands Department
    • landscape architects approve tree removal applications and landscape master plans submission for lands development and projects.
  • Drainage Services Department
    • landscape architects provide landscape greening enhancement for the sewage treatment plant, sewage treatment works, sewage and flood pumping facilities.
  • Water Supplies Department
    • landscape architects provide greening enhancement for the waterworks facilities and projects.

Future Development of the Landscape Architects' Professional Services

Nowadays, there are significant changes of requirements for living environment with the improving living standard in Hong Kong and Mainland China. As the living pattern of people has gradually changed from small community style to metropolitan nature, landscape design also evolves from relatively simple nature to landscape design with diverse elements that could accommodate the ever-changing requirements. For example, landscape architects now need to take into account the impacts of development proposals on the surrounding environment and ecology; whether the proposals could cope with the future development of economy, culture and community; and whether the proposals are in line with the local government’s long term urban planning and sustainable development policy. Same as the future development of architectural, engineering and planning professionals, Hong Kong landscape architects also need to make changes in order to cope with the ever increasing demands of the society and general public.

Due to Hong Kong's recent economic transformation, the major clients of many landscape consultant firms have shifted from local to Mainland developers, and provincial or municipal governments. With the implementation of the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA), exchanges of the landscape professionals between Hong Kong and Mainland China would become more frequent. Thus, Hong Kong landscape profession would has much greater development potential in education, professional services, greening and environmental planning. Hong Kong landscape architects should make use of these opportunities for promoting their business to overseas and striding forward to international development.

For long-term development, due to Hong Kong is enjoying the convergence of professionals from all over the world with different cultural background, a better living environment with local characteristics can be created in response to the unique living style of Hong Kong people, geography and climate. Continual efforts by the landscape profession in this aspect are desperately required, particularly, with the establishment of Greening and Landscape, and Tree Management Offices in March 2010 by Development Bureau of the HKSAR Government to advocate new strategic greening, landscape and tree management policies for the sustainable development of Hong Kong's green environment. Hence, the landscape profession in Hong Kong should also continue to conduct researches and in-depth studies for the new realm of design in order to achieve better outcomes and the sustainable environment, so that human beings could live in harmonious with nature.


香港是國際認可的園林景觀設計中心。在香港執業的園境師主要提供的專業顧問服務範疇相當廣泛, 主要類別包括地區、城市公共空間設計及規劃、商業地區項目、住宅小區的園境設計、渡假勝地和文娛設施休閒中心之規劃及景觀設計、海濱和行人專用區、基建、環境的保護和修復等。

分佈在中國各地和東南亞的地產發展商和政府部門, 愈來愈多到香港來, 尋找高質量的園境設計服務。香港的園境師所贏得的無數競賽獎項, 所獲得的聘任, 正是香港園境師設計質量的最佳證明。

香港園境師學會透過每年舉辦的設計獎項, 透過鼓勵園境師參加主要的設計競賽和大型的發展項目, 推動卓越的設計。透過持續性專業發展計劃, 香港園境師學會推動具創意的設計意念和專業技巧, 支持會員, 達致高質量的設計解決方案。


私營執業園境師以設計顧問公司為主,並為各公營及私營客戶(包括香港、中國及海外)提供各類的設計、規劃、空間建設及 跨學科領域項目等相關的專業服務,範圍相當廣泛,主要類別有:

  • 地區、城市公共空間設計及規劃
    • 城市、鄉鎮、地區性的整體園境規劃與設計,以配合該地區之發展及特色
    • 園境設計的策略、及可行性研究、並制定發展大綱圖等
    • 發展的環境評估研究

  • 工商、住宅小區的園境設計
    • 為不同的小區創做其特式,以提供一個為客戶專有的園景空間
    • 制定地區性的園林規劃發展及開發政策
    • 私人物業包括商業中心、住宅小區、私人庭院、工業園等園景及空間設計
    • 地區性的城市、廣場園林綠化設計

  • 度假、旅遊及休閒中心之規劃及園林設計
    • 主題公園設計及園景規劃
    • 度假中心、高爾夫球場等發展項目
    • 酒店式度假中心、別墅、城市酒店及旅遊地區

公營園境師的執業範圍分設於特區政府內之各部門單位,包括: 發展局、建築署、路政署、規劃署、土木工程拓展署、房屋署、地政署、渠務署和水務署。

  • 發展局
    • 園境師在中央層面統籌政府的綠化、園境規劃和設計工作,倡導樹木管理部門和社會大眾以專業手法管理樹木,推動全面的綠化方針。
  • 建築署
    • 園境師為特區政府各項公共建設如公園、政府建築物、公共空間等提供設計及工程管理服務。
  • 路政署
    • 園境師為各類公路發展及其鄰近空間提供園林設計標準,監管外判的設計、建造工程及公路旁的植物護養工作。
  • 規劃署
    • 園境師為香港的土地用途,發展及規劃作出專業建議,並對綠化覆蓋率制定標準及指引。於個別地區,因應其地理特性及歷史文化重要性,制定一些相應的園景設計概念規範。 亦協助環保署署長對環評報告中的園境評估作出審查和提出意見。
  • 土木工程拓展署
    • 園境師為各類公共工程項目包括新市鎮的公共設施、地盆平整、斜坡、海岸及港口建設發展等工務工程提供設計、規劃及工程監管服務。
  • 房屋署
    • 園境師為公共房屋提供園林及康樂設施規劃,設計藍圖、及施工監管。
  • 地政署
    • 園境師為土地發展及工程審批樹木砍伐移植申請和園景設計總圖。
  • 渠務署
    • 園境師為污水處理廠和污水及防洪抽水設施提供綠化的景觀設計。
  • 水務署
    • 園境師為水務設施提供綠化的景觀設計。


今日的香港及國內城市,隨著市民的生活水準不斷的提高,對生活環境的要求亦有巨大的變化,從以往小康社會漸變成今日的大都會文化,園境設計亦從以往較簡單設 計元素,加入了不斷改變的要求,例如發展專案對四周環境及生態的影響,設計是否顧及未來的經濟、文化及社區生活的發展,並是否與當地政府對城市的長遠規劃 及持續發展政策的配合。正如其他建築、工程及規劃專業方面的未來發展,香港園境師亦需要作出改變以應付社會及民眾日漸提高的要求。

香港近年經濟轉型,不少顧問設計公司的主要客戶亦從本地,轉為內地發展商及各省市的地方政府。隨著香港與內地更緊密經貿關係的落實,兩地園境設計專業的交往 將會更加頻密,令這行業在教育、專業設計服務及環境綠化規劃方面有更大的發展空間,香港園境師應藉這機遇推展業務到海外地區,向國際化發展邁進。